Train your French in a relaxed atmosphere

The course format Le Salon is all about the interests and learning goals of the participants. There is no prepackaged curriculum with a certificate of completion, and there is no pressure to perform.

The goal of the course is to optimally improve the personal language competence of all participants in lively online sessions with interesting topics.

Our experienced teachers, who have taught not only at Lingoplanet but also at the Institut Français for many years, will encourage you to engage in group discussions on exciting and relevant topics, which they will combine with vocabulary and grammar explanations. In between, you will retreat to the breakout rooms, where you will work individually or with partners on small tasks and receive individual attention from the teacher. Written and oral exercises, listening comprehension exercises and, of course, lots of active speaking in discussions and role-plays will alternate.

Each session has a main topic for which Lingoplanet provides videos, audios and written material. The topics and learning content (vocabulary, grammar, phrases and idioms) are determined together at the beginning of the course, and can be further adapted to the interests and needs of the group as the course progresses.

The course takes place online, dates and intensity can be coordinated between the group and the teacher. Each course has 10 online sessions of 90 minutes including a 5 minute break. A minimum of 6 participants is required for a course to take place, with a maximum of 12.

In addition to the online course, on-site classroom sessions with varied content can be offered.