In this course you will learn …

… to talk about your job and profession. You will speak about your education and learn to understand employment ads. At the end of the course, you will be able to to organize a trip to Germany, Austria, or Switzerland. You will understand hotel brochures and websites and book a room. You will be able to talk about your health and make yourself understood by your doctor.

To be able to do these things, you will study …


  • Masculine and feminine nouns: Arzt / Ärztin
  • Prepositions “bei, als, vor seit, für“: Ich arbeite seit einem Jahr bei VW als Techniker.

  • Past tense of “sein“ and “haben“: war and hatte
  • Pronoun “man“: Man braucht einen internationalen Führerschein.

  • Auxiliary verbs “müssen, dürfen, sollen“: Sie sollen sich ausruhen.


  • Professions: Verkäufer, Architektin, …
  • Body parts: der Arm, der Rücken, das Bein, …
  • Medical conditions and drugs: Rückenschmerzen, Tabletten, …

… and much more.


You have already made your first moves in the new language, you can speak about your daily life and understand simple everyday conversations.

To participate in the course, you need a computer, tablet or just a smartphone, a stable internet connection and a microphone and camera if they are not built into the device you are using.