In this course you will learn …

… to talk about your immediate environment such as your desk, your room, and your apartment. You can describe your daily routine. You will learn how to tell the time and day of the week. You will get to know Germany, Austria and Switzerland as travel destinations and will be able to talk about them. After taking this course, you will understand the weather report on the radio, and you will be able to talk about past events.

To be able to do these things, you will study:


  • Definite Articles: die Frau, der Mann, das Kind
  • Adjectives in a predicate position: Das Haus ist teuer.

  • Separable verbs: Sie steht um 10 Uhr auf.
  • Temporal prepositions: am, um, von … bis

  • Temporal prepositions: am, um, von … bis
  • Nouns in the accusative: Er trinkt einen Tee.
  • Conjugations of verbs: Er bestellt einen Kaffee. Ich möchte einen Salat.


  • Colours: blau, rot, grün …
  • Rooms and furniture: der Tisch, der Stuhl, die Küche, das Bad, …
  • Weather, climate, cardinal points:  Im Süden schneit es. Im Norden regnet es.

… and much more.


You already know how to introduce yourself, to talk about yourself and your family.

To participate in the course, you need a computer, tablet or just a smartphone, a stable internet connection and a microphone and camera if they are not built into the device you are using.