Japanese for Beginners


In this live online course you will learn … how to introduce yourself in Japanese, give your name and profession and ask for this information from others. You learn numbers up to 100,000 so that you can ask the price when shopping or ordering in a restaurant. You will also learn to talk about habits, your immediate environment and the past, and to invite other people to activities.

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To take these first steps in Japanese, we will practise with you:


  • Statement and interrogative sentences in polite language form.
  • Important grammatical particles (small word units to structure a sentence).

  • Present and past tense of verbs and adjectives.
  • Different verb endings


  • Numbers and times up to:

いちまんichiman (10.000), 12じjuuni.ji (12 o’clock) 

  • First verbs and adjectives:

いきますikimasu (walk), たべますtabemasu(eat), べんきょう しますbenkyoo shimasu(learn), はやいhayai (fast, early) 

  • Countries and professions:

ドイツdoitsu (Germany), アメリカamerika (America), かいしゃいんkaishain(Company employee)

  • Shopping and going to restaurants:

おいしいoishii (delicious), メニューmenyuu (menu), きっさてんkissaten(cafe)

  • Hobbies and travel:

およぎますoyogimasu (swimming), でかけますdekakemasu (going out),サーフィンsaafin (surfing).

… and much more.

At the end of the course, you will be able to talk about your last holiday in a simple way.

Requirement for enrollment: It is helpful if you can read and write hiragana and katakana.The classroom language is German or English, depending on the composition of the participants, but you will mainly speak a lot of Japanese.