Our German teachers

Yomna Aly

Salmyia, Kuwait

What is your motto in life?

If you want something, you will find ways.

Why do you like teaching German so much?

Teaching in general is my passion and teaching German in particular is my greatest pleasure. The language itself has many secrets that you discover every day. Behind every expression is an interesting story. I am fascinated by how learners’ eyes light up the more they understand the language. It’s like a puzzle that is solved step by step.

Marcel Eikermann

Gifu, Japan

What is your motto in life?

Learn something new every day and spend every day doing what is important and fun!

Why do you like teaching German so much?

After emigrating abroad more than ten years ago, I realised what an interesting country Germany actually is and how exciting it is to learn about the German language. I want to help people from all over the world get to know and understand Germany better. And I want to help them to eventually be able to express the things that interest them about Germany in German. I am happy when learners make progress and I can accompany them along the way.

Magda Finger

Weinstadt, Germany

What is your motto in life?

Happiness can be doubled if you do something together.

Why do you like teaching German so much?

I have been teaching German as a foreign language for 13 years. It is important to me to share my knowledge with others, but above all to convey the joy of learning together. I especially look forward to observing my students’ “first steps” in the German language and accompanying them in their language development. I can also learn a lot from my students.

Małgorzata Grześkowiak-Wasela

Przeźmierowo, Polen

What is your motto in life?

In my life, I make the best of every situation and find that there is no such thing as bad weather, there is only wrong clothing.

Why do you like teaching German so much?

I am a German as a Foreign Language teacher with several years of experience in working with children and young people as well as with adults. I teach German as a foreign language at a private primary school and at the Lyceum in Tarnowo Podgórne in Poland. There I coordinate the student exchange with a high school in Germany.  In 2021 I was selected by the Goethe-Institut as the digital teacher of the school year 2020/2021 as part of the project “Virtual Methodenkoffer”. I am interested in methodology and didactics of foreign language teaching and in digital and interactive approaches in online and face-to-face teaching. Creativity and commitment are at the forefront of my mind. My work is my passion.

Diana Hillmann

Berlin, Germany

What is your motto in life?

The language is the movement.

Why do you like teaching German so much?

Eyes shining with joy, new progress in language acquisition, practising and mastering challenges bring my course participants purposefully to their new perspectives in life. From being able to do to wanting to do.

Eszter Kovacs

Győr, Hungary

What is your motto in life?

Life is much more beautiful if you share it with somebody.

Why do you like teaching German so much?

German is one of the most beautiful and exciting languages in the world. For me as a teacher, it is the most important thing to help my students and to achieve success together. Teaching German has been a great fun for me for more than 11 years: I can meet so many valuable people and accompany them on their way.

Tim Schmidt

Binghamton, USA

What is your motto in life?

One question that really helps me to be a better friend, partner, son, brother and teacher is and remains: What if I am not right?

Or as Friedrich Nietzsche once said: “To give birth to a dancing star, you still have to have chaos inside you”.

Why do you like teaching German so much?

The language of poets and thinkers needs more poets and thinkers 🙂

I like teaching German because it gives us the opportunity to grow together. To communicate is the most important good, no matter on which level and in which relationship. German can be a component of good communication, of which there is unfortunately far too little; a communication in which there is love, laughter, respect and appreciation.

Jana Strohbach

Valparaiso, Chile

What is your motto in teaching?

When one teaches, two learn.

Why do you like teaching German so much?

Language learning and teaching has always been an exciting pursuit for me. My journey as a German teacher began seven years ago in Chile and since has transformed into a passion. Teaching German is a challenging and rewarding profession. I enjoy exploring new methods, connecting with people from all around the world, sharing my knowledge and learning from my students.

Antje Witzel

Lomé, Togo

I am one of the co-founders of Lingoplanet, and languages are my passion. I am an enthusiastic German teacher and examiner for German proficiency tests at Goethe Institutes and universities in various countries. I am also a conference interpreter for German, English, French, Portuguese and Italian at international conferences and global sports events.

My life and family have taken me from my home country Germany to France, Italy, Switzerland, Japan and the UK, and later in life to the US, Mozambique, Cameroon and Togo. I am the mother of a blended family with five children. Currently, I live between Berlin and Lomé in West Africa.